5 Reasons Why Organic Traffic is Important Online


There are several mediums and channels that you can use to drive traffic to your website. Some are free, while others are paid. However, when we talk about website traffic and traffic-generation, organic usually appears more often than any other medium.

That is because organic is generally considered one of the most important and viable mediums for traffic generation for any blog or online business.

If you have neglected organic traffic in the past and are looking to change that, or if you just want some reaffirmation that you are doing the right thing investing in organic traffic and SEO, this post is for you.

In this blog post, we are going to highlight five reasons why organic traffic is so important, and why you must focus on this medium as much as you can.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic comes from search engines, when a search engine user clicks on one of the organic search results.  This does not include clicks on paid ads on the search engine results pages.


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Five Reasons Why Organic Traffic is so Important

Now that we know what we mean by organic traffic, let’s see what is so special about it, compared to other traffic mediums.

  1. Organic Traffic is Sustainable

Once you start ranking for keywords, unless you get hit by a Google algorithm or manual penalty, you will likely continue ranking for those keywords in normal circumstances.

This means passive traffic generation 24/7 without any active participation. This is the key to building a sustainable online business that helps you earn while you are asleep.

On the other hand, paid traffic stops the moment you stop spending on ads. Organic traffic is more sustainable because it is constant and also allows you to experiment with new ideas without the risk of having a negative ROI.

  1. Organic Traffic is More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Website traffic is an extremely valuable asset for any online business. As more online businesses compete with each other for traffic, the cost of traffic will continue to increase.

Here is a brief look at the cost-per-click (CPC) for some of the popular industries.

If you are running paid ads, this is the amount you will have to pay for each click.  On the other hand, if you successfully build a stream of organic traffic, you get all that traffic for free.

This makes “organic” an extremely cost-effective traffic-generation medium — especially in the long run.

  1. Organic Traffic Leads to Search Engine Domination

According to a study, 68 percent of online experiences begin with a search. Moreover, 53.3 percent of all website traffic comes from organic searches.

This shows the importance of organic traffic for most websites and most industries. With organic traffic, you can dominate search engines and get the lion’s share of traffic and potential leads.

This is a competitive edge that you need. While your competitors would be paying to get on top of the SERPs, you can get all that traffic and more organically and at a lower cost.

  1. Organic Traffic Brings Highly Qualified Prospects

60 percent of online marketers say that SEO/blog content is their highest quality source of leads, with an excellent 14.6 percent close rate.

That proves that organic traffic can have an extremely positive impact on the bottom line of your business.

  1. Organic Traffic Offers Insights into the Industry, Macro Market Shifts, and Consumer Behaviour

One of the benefits of organic traffic that is, unfortunately, often not talked about as much is the insights and informational value organic traffic offers.

After investing in organic traffic, you get to learn:

  • Who your customers are
  • What they want
  • How seasonality affects your business
  • What the pain points are for your existing and potential customers
  • What they are searching for
  • What they like
  • How they interact with your website after clicking on a specific search query
  • Which search queries bring the most traffic to your website
  • What type of content gets the most traction from your audience
  • What other products your target audience would prefer, etc.

You also get to see how the industry is evolving in real-time. It’s easy to spot macro industry shifts if you are keeping a close tab on organic traffic and any changes in Google Trends.


Reliable, consistent, and converting organic traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. It gives you a fantastic competitive edge that helps you mitigate your marketing and business expenditures and gives you the freedom to experiment with new ideas — without worrying about traffic or the costs associated with generating traffic.

In addition, the information and insights organic traffic brings are extremely valuable. You can use that information in other areas of your business.

In today’s online marketing world, organic traffic can often be the difference between a failed and a successful online business.

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