Best Web Design Tips for 2024


We share the best web design tips for 2024! Good website design can save you on both fronts. It can help save time for your website visitors as they don’t have to navigate a poorly designed website. At the same time, it can also make a strong impression on potential customers, which can go a long way in establishing the authority and credibility of your business in your niche.

Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.” — Cynthia Ozick.


Website design can make or break your business. In today’s age of digital marketing, when user experience is more important than ever and affects nearly everything — from conversion rates to search engine rankings — website design that facilitates good user experiences is priceless.

In this post, we list 5 best website design tips that you should follow in 2022, whether you are redesigning your website or just making slight improvements.


1. Don’t Fight the White Space

All good website designers know the importance of white space on the page. These are empty spaces on the website without any text or element and are incredibly important for a good user experience.

Having too many visual elements can overcomplicate the page and make your website look needlessly busy and chaotic. That makes navigation difficult — which can negatively affect important metrics, e.g., bounce rate, average page on time, engagement rate, etc.

Moreover, too many elements can also have a negative impact on the conversion rate. In contrast, strategically using white space can help draw more attention to the main CTA.

Here is an example.



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2. Strategically Guide Visitors on the Page

One of our favourite best web design tips for 2024 is all about improving conversion rates which ultimately lead to a higher ROI. With creative design choices and visual cues, you can direct the attention of your website visitors to important website elements, such as the CTA, that can have a positive effect on the net conversion rate.

Visual cues could be arrows, pointers, creative use of colour, and white space (as discussed earlier).


3. Focus on the Above-the-Fold Area

The importance of the above-the-fold area can never be understated. According to a study, website visitors spend up to 57 percent of their time above the fold.

Once you realise this simple but extremely important fact, you can leverage that to your advantage by paying extra attention to your design choices in the above-the-fold area as well as putting the most important elements in that area.

Scroll up and see how Basecamp used their primary CTA in the above-the-fold area.

We recommend populating your above-the-fold area with a strong headline and the main call-to-action that pops. Strategic use of white space, visual cues, and images or videos are also recommended.


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4. Avoid Sliders, Accordions, and Carousels Above the Fold

How about carousels and sliders in the above-the-fold area? After all, lots of websites do use them at the very top.

We recommend avoiding that strategy.

Studies show that carousels and sliders do not get enough attention. According to a study conducted by Notre Dame University,  the first image in a carousel receives 90 percent of total clicks, while all the other images in the carousel get ignored. The idea is that website visitors do not like the idea of clicking. Design elements, such as carousels, sliders, and accordions, sometimes pose an additional barrier that should be avoided.


5. Add Videos to Web Pages

Embedding videos on a web page can yield great results, which is why it is an important design element to consider in 2022.

Videos have been gaining popularity consistently, and the trend is unlikely to change.

According to a study, websites with videos enjoy higher conversion rates (up to 4.8 percent) when compared with websites that do not feature videos (conversion rate of 2.9 percent).

That is nearly double the conversion rate, leads, and revenue. And all you had to do was to include high-quality and relevant videos in your web design.

Additionally, according to Forbes, 90 percent of customers say that videos help them make purchase decisions.



A lot of thought and strategy goes into good website design. It is a long, careful, data-driven process. At least, that’s how it should be.

We hope that the this guide for our best web design tips for 2024 and case studies shared in this article will help you improve your website design and yield increased traction, higher conversion rates, and more leads, sales, and revenue.