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The insurance industry is one of the few that thrives regardless of what is going on in the world. Wars, recessions, political upheaval, you name it – they don’t have much of an impact on the insurance industry. An industry as resilient and, let’s face it, as profitable as the insurance industry is highly competitive so insurance companies need to have their marketing ducks in a row if they are to stand out. That’s where SEO for insurance companies comes in.

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    The Pressing Need for SEO for Insurance Companies

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s what enables one website to appear at or near the top of page 1 search results, while other websites get buried on page 13. 20 years ago when there were only a relative handful of websites and SEO was in its infancy, it consisted mostly of stuffing HTML Header tags with as many search terms as possible, relevant or not.

    Today, with more than 1 billion websites in play and search engines (particularly Google) much more intent on controlling the user experience, more refined and effective SEO tactics are required. Our SEO specialists are highly trained experts that understand every nuance of the search experience and how they relate to and influence the particulars of your insurance website.

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    The SEO Process

    Keywords are a vital aspect of making sure your insurance website appears at or near the top of search results. But effective keyword research and placement is not enough. When you enlist our SEO services we go over every aspect of your site. That includes back-end coding, the number and type of images, the number and quality of your links, the ease of navigation and the loading speed of your pages. (Because if your site doesn’t load in around 3 seconds, people will exit.)

    Another key aspect of any successful website today is whether or not it is mobile-friendly. That means it should be constructed using a responsive design that sniffs out the type of platform (Apple, Android, smartphone, tablet, etc.) being used to access the site and then shapes your site to conform to the needs of that platform. If your insurance website is not optimised for mobile, Google will ignore it.

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