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Accountancy requires laser focus, a clear mind and a detail-orientated nature. And while it is not for everyone, competition within the accounting industry itself is fierce. In order to give your practice the best possible chance of success, you need a website that spreads the word about your practice, while also serving as a platform for lead generation.

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    Why Accountants Need a Website

    Accountancy may not seem like the kind of profession that calls for a robust internet presence, but there are many good reasons why accountants should have a website. Here are but a few:

    To raise their own visibility – No matter what business you’re in, the great challenge is to optimise your visibility. With so many people today spending hours staring into their smartphone screens, it’s in your interest to acknowledge reality and go where the people are.

    To generate leads – Driving traffic to your website is one thing. Transforming those visitors into potential leads is another. A well-crafted accountancy website will provide ways to capture visitor information that can be used later to potentially produce conversions.

    To expand their operational territory – Prior to the advent of the web, accountants were limited in their ability to cast a wide net in their search for clients. A well-designed website makes it possible to engage potential customers nationwide without leaving the office.

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    web design for accountancy
    web design for accountancy firms

    Web Design for Accountancy Firms in a Nutshell

    Accountancy is the ultimate no-nonsense business, and to some extent, the accounting website needs to reflect this. Here are some of the basic features you should expect in an accountancy website.

    Clean, Intuitive Navigation – Menu options should be kept to a minimum and logically organised. There is little need for animated buttons, flashy embedded videos or slick colour schemes. Accounting is serious business and the accounting web site needs to be respectful of that.

    Mobile Optimisation – Nearly 60% of all internet traffic today originates on a mobile device. Your website must be optimised for mobile, meaning that it loads quickly and adjusts itself to the specific display parameters of the device being used without any loss of functionality.

    Lead Generation – The well-designed accountancy website will feature ways to capture visitor information that may be used later to cultivate leads. It can be something as simple as getting visitors to sign up for a newsletter.

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