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    Web Design for Law Firms

    The world has changed in the past 20 years. When people want information on the best doctors, restaurants, or hotels today they forego the phone book (remember those?) and do a Google search instead using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

    They’re the same way when it comes to finding a law firm. Unless there is a firm they have used in the past, they’ll invariably conduct an internet search and choose one from the search results. If your practice is not represented by an effective website you are losing clients to the competition. It’s that simple.

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    How a Website Helps Grow Your Law Firm

    If you are hoping to grow your practice, the best thing to do is contact WDL and have us build a site for you. We have vast experience creating leading-edge websites for a variety of professions. We understand the importance of setting the right tone, presenting accurate information and shining a favourable light on your practice.

    We also understand the importance of efficient design, fast loading pages, intuitive navigation and implementing a Search Engine Optimisation program that will deliver you to the top tier of search results.

    All of these things and more play an integral part in the online success and our team of experts make sure your website is a peerless example of effective web design principles in action.

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    Who are WDL?

    We are a team of web builders, specialising in SEO (search engine optimisation), graphic design, eCommerce and more. Based across the United Kingdom, we’re one of the highest rated web designer companies.

    A popular choice - we offer ongoing support with digital marketing, driving traffic to your new site through proven tactics.

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    Serving all your marketing needs in law.

    Website Designers London (WDL) is a full service agency. We help small businesses design, promote and support their brand.
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    The Same, Only Different

    While the essential elements of successful web design are the same for every business, there is an added element involved in web design for law firms that must be respected. A law firm’s website is not an ecommerce site, after all. There are no goods or services being transferred through the site itself.

    Therefore, the tone you set, the information you provide and how easy you make it for potential clients to begin a dialogue with you are of primary importance.

    It takes extensive training and years of experience to master the nuances of messaging for a law firm, and there are not many companies offering web design for law firms who possess this level of understanding. So, choose one that does – choose WDL. Call us today on 0330 330 0981 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote.

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